Do You Know Who You Are?

Sounds like a strange question to ask. Of course you know who you are – you are you.

But throughout the day, every day, you are speaking on behalf of your family, your company, your significant other, your friends, your customers, your employees, the shops and restaurants you patron, and maybe a dozen others. When you go out of your way to make a recommendation based on your personal experiences or when you respond to an email representing the voice of your organization, you are not just you. You have now become a guerrilla marketing extraordinaire.

Has that establishment – perhaps unbeknownst to you – equipped you with the information to effectively communicate the right message?

It’s not just about the deal train that is passing through on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Underneath all of the craziness there is a message – a look and feel, a reputation of quality, something – that is being passed along with every piece of communication that reaches your TV or computer screen. Did you get that message?

As a marketer, what underlying message are you trying to communicate to your constituents? Let’s be honest – it’s not about the killer Cyber Monday deal you were able to work out. Consider how many first time shoppers are coming back a second and third time. How can you convey your message so they know who you are and want to come back to get to know you a little more?

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