Don’t Wait For The New Year To Resolve To Do Better.

This time last year, perhaps you put your introspective hat on and created some New Year Resolutions for yourself. Wanted to finally run that marathon? On the list. Wanted to juice cleanse your way to inner peace? That made it too. While the New Year (and milestones in general) is a nice symbolic way to […]

Bringing The Brand And Brand Promise To Life Is A Big Piece Of Customer Experience

Given Apple’s various announcements yesterday, I thought it’d be nice to republish this blog post highlighting Apple’s brand promise. —- When you see a brand logo, what sort of expectations come to mind? Let’s take a look atĀ Apple, a brand that successfully brings the brand promise to life in all incarnations of the experience. When […]

The Experience of Consistency is What Gets People Coming Back

As I continue to explore local businesses, I notice that I mentally categorize them into general buckets: You Get What You Pay For – varying expected sub-categorizations based on price, product and service quality Value Play – typically lower on the price and service scales but higher on product (or lower product and price and […]