Born in Michigan and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wife to an extraordinarily forgiving and patient man, and mother to a lively 8 year old boy, 9 month old little lady, and a 5 year old shelter pup that thinks he’s human.

Have worked in tech over 20 years in a variety of roles in operations, sales, customer success, customer experience, marketing, operations, strategy, and people. Am a three time C-level executive at growth and scale domestic & global SaaS software companies. Published author and industry speaker. More detail here.

These days, I wear a few hats.

As Chief Operating Officer at Interact, I’m working with an amazingly nimble team to bring a new layer of humanness and understanding to data and online relationship management.

As a mentor, advisor, and coach, I help mid-senior level leaders and entrepreneurs successfully shift from operational to strategic leadership, become intentional about their personal brand and make major career & personal transitions, and better understand their customers, employees, and themselves.

As part-time partner at The House Fund, an early stage venture fund investing in the UC Berkeley ecosystem of entrepreneurs, I support deal flow and advise our portfolio.

As an angel investor, I write 2-3 checks a year in founders and ideas that I believe in. To-date, my portfolio includes companies focused on SaaS, SMB, AI, alternative foods, and eCommerce. In 2020, I am proud to have had the honor of investing in only women or minority founded companies.

I am a passionate advocate for education and progressive policies driving equity and personalized learning experiences within our local public education system. As of July 2021, I am the president of the Board of Directors for the San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation supporting the largest public school district in San Mateo County. As a community partner, I am acting as a Board of Supervisors appointed committee member to the Housing and Community Development and Emergency Medical Care Committees of San Mateo County, at the heart of the San Francisco-Silicon Valley peninsula.


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