Do You Know Who You Are?

Sounds like a strange question to ask. Of course you know who you are – you are you.But throughout the day, every day, you are speaking on behalf of your family, your company, your significant other, your friends, your customers, your employees, the shops and restaurants you patron, and maybe a dozen others. When you […]

Y U Should Care About Gen Y as an Emarketer

Gen Y is changing the workplace – resetting expectations for what’s most important for job offer packages, redefining the work day with their incessant need for work-life balance, and are quickly integrating new communications technologies into the way they go about their daily business. Given all that, it’s worth it to have a chat about […]

The big picture. What was that again?

As I sit at the office tonight, I wonder a few things – 1) With October online sales revenues basically flat over last year, everyone seems to be asking the same question: How do I use the tools I have in front of me to get what few dollars are out there spent with me? […]