Help Your Team Find Its Voice, Promote Collaboration, and Set Expectations While You’re At It.

Outside of the office, everyone has their own unique personality. They are interesting, funny, articulate, sharp, jerky, silly, brave, and a whole lot in between. Whatever personality the individuals on your team embody, they should feel empowered to inject your business with a little bit of flavor. After all, wasn’t part of the reason you […]

Can Your Customers Tell When You’re Feeling "Bleh"?

The short answer is “Yes”. The long answer is something like this: often yes, sometimes not because customers reaching out to you are often consumed with their task at hand, but usually yes because your tone or lack of spark can be a dead giveaway. The more relevant question is this: Does you feeling “bleh” […]

Experience Delivered vs. Experience Expected

Expectations come from somewhere. Think back to your personal life and consider a time where your expectations were misaligned with the experience outcome. What did you do? How did the other party make things right? Did you walk away feeling good about your experience? The gap between the delivery of the experience and the expectation […]

Customer Experience Truth #13 – Even In A 100% Online Business Model, There Are Still Key "Offline" Experiences You Need To Address

Business who are 100% online have a nice list of advantages over off/online businesses – they have full control over the shopping experience. No part time employees to train. No brick and mortar rent to pay. No ability for an angry customer experience to negatively impact other people who happen to be in the same […]

Customer Experience Truth #12 – Your Employees Are Your Customers As Well

Questions like Amber’s to the left started popping up left and right throughout 2009 when social media empowerment and corporate IT policies were so obviously misaligned. For many companies now, this specific issue has been resolved. However, this is just one of several areas of concern employees have when it comes to having the tools […]