Customer Experience Truth #14 – B2C And B2B Customer Experience Management Programs Are Very Different, But Still Fundamentally The Same

The last 20 years of MBA education has taught you that B2C marketing programs are more focused on product and brand, and that B2B marketing programs tend to be more focused on service and service delivery. Welcome to the new day, which consequently happened several years ago. Especially with small businesses, the lines blur significantly […]

Customer Experience Truth #10 – It Is Possible To Create A Globally Consistent, Yet Culturally Refined Customer Experience

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure novels? You start out on the same path as everyone else, but depending on some decisions you make about your situation, where you end up may be a little different from the other readers. However, the the core of the story – who you are as a character, who […]

The Next Iron Chef Teaches You How To Self Edit Yourself To Excellence

This is you: You know you’re great at what you do. You’re a star performer in your own right. But, are you good enough to effectively edit yourself and your instincts to beat someone else as good as or better than you? For some reason I can’t get enough of all incarnations of what I […]

Bringing Your Customer Experience Mission Statement to Life

Something that has come up frequently – almost daily – at my new company is what we refer to as “our way”. I really like how it’s framed the conversations we have about basically anything that impacts the customer. We are constantly asking ourselves – is that the Demandforce way? Everyone who talks about “our […]

Android vs iPhone = Tool vs Friend

My coworker, who I fully take credit for convincing on buying the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile, and I were chatting late yesterday. The conversation went like this: Me: Have you noticed that your relationship with your cell phone has changed since you went from iPhone 3Gs to the Android? John: Yeah, actually it has. Me: […]