Fast Food Ads Are Often The Opposite of Reality – So Now What?

A little while ago I posted this Tweet, which got some interesting feedback: Fast Food Ads Are Often Opposite Of Reality – (Not just fast food – misguided expectations are everywhere) @meannie …And you wonder why there is a gap in what the customer expects versus what they receive. It’s everywhere, even down to […]

Offer Incentives That Make Sense To Your Customers, Not You

Incentives are always a nice perk for customers. It’s that extra little bump that gets them to buy. Interestingly enough though, if you don’t know what kind of incentive will trigger your customers to buy, you will often be stuck with a very large inventory of leftover flannel blankets (that you incidentally thought was top […]

Let Your Customers Persuade Themselves – the new sale is the no sale

Here’s a really great post from Michael Schrage for HBR… a reminder that the “sale” has evolved to a “non sale”. How are you evolving your product design, positioning, and sales practices to change with the times? “Professional service firms are fools if they’re not constantly looking for ways not just to better communicate the […]

Which Brands Do Shoppers Think Offer the Best ‘Value’, Anyway?

Really interesting data on which brands consumers equate with “value” … Wal-Mart and Target are top value brands, with Sony, Kroger, and Kellogg’s close behind. Read article here: (via: OpenForum) Posted via email from meannie | posterous

Have you downloaded this free eBook on Marketing in 2010 yet?

Marketing in 2010 (free eBook) When we talk about brand awareness, consciously or not, we correlate “brand” with one specific phase in the marketing funnel. Many have defined brand as a set of expectations and experiences. These in turn generate stories we identify with as we develop our relationship with the brand and the company […]

Do You Know Who You Are?

Sounds like a strange question to ask. Of course you know who you are – you are you.But throughout the day, every day, you are speaking on behalf of your family, your company, your significant other, your friends, your customers, your employees, the shops and restaurants you patron, and maybe a dozen others. When you […]