eBay’s Holiday Doorbuster Promo Exponentially Reduces Productivity During Workday

As if we needed the help.

Glad I didn’t find out about this until 6:27 pm PT… and it’s already Day 8. I feel so behind. And yet, I am also incredibly thankful. I’ve been glued to eBay.com trying to figure out some search methodology that would effectively bring me to that magical page (and a $1 wii).

The $1 Corvette went a few hours ago I hear.

Anyone remember the American Express Wish List promotion? It’s still going on. Deals every few hours throughout the day on the hour. Brilliant.

All this time spent searching for amazing gotta have ’em deals online… sure, people aren’t wasting time waiting in line. But who is the real bearer of the burden in terms of time lost?

Email marketers send promos to the Inbox first thing in the morning. Deals at Ruelala.com start at 8 am PT/11 am ET and are first come, first served. A majority of promotional emails come in between 5 am PT/8 am ET and 11 am PT/2 pm ET, right smack in the middle of my work day. You don’t pay attention, you might miss out. The fact that I always miss out on the best deals has driven me to unsubscribe from their and other mailings. Why bother spending time reading the emails when I know that the best deals are already gone? And, why bother wasting time during my work day (when I should be working) waiting and trying to get the best deals online?

Retailers sending out B2C marketing promotions should be more cognizant of both when their messages are sent out and when their promotions are taking place. You might be missing the mark with your target audience and create a disgruntled shopper before they ever buy a thing from you.

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