In place of holiday cards this year…

I sent a holiday text. With the increase of unlimited texting, this seems to be a much more popular way of sending some cheer. And more immediate. And… perhaps even a little more personal to the new generation of Hallmark shoppers. A little bonus for those with MMS capabilities – send a photo just like […]

Y U Should Care About Gen Y as an Emarketer

Gen Y is changing the workplace – resetting expectations for what’s most important for job offer packages, redefining the work day with their incessant need for work-life balance, and are quickly integrating new communications technologies into the way they go about their daily business. Given all that, it’s worth it to have a chat about […]

eBay’s Holiday Doorbuster Promo Exponentially Reduces Productivity During Workday

As if we needed the help. Glad I didn’t find out about this until 6:27 pm PT… and it’s already Day 8. I feel so behind. And yet, I am also incredibly thankful. I’ve been glued to trying to figure out some search methodology that would effectively bring me to that magical page (and […]

The big picture. What was that again?

As I sit at the office tonight, I wonder a few things – 1) With October online sales revenues basically flat over last year, everyone seems to be asking the same question: How do I use the tools I have in front of me to get what few dollars are out there spent with me? […]