Can I Pitch In? vs Need Any Help?

This morning one of the casual carpoolers I picked up said “Can I pitch in a dollar?” as an offering to counter the $2.50 Bay Bridge Carpool Toll that went into effect July 1, 2010.Immediately I thought to myself – what a great way to offer assistance without projecting any negative connotation.When you’re asking someone […]

Keeping The Good Habits and Willing The Bad Ones Away

As I considered how new habits form, I realized that my most recent good habits were pretty challenging to form… took the whole 14 days, so to say, and I had to consciously consider my will power when going through the exercise of forming my new habit. When was the last time you did something […]

What Technology Are You Using to Sell To Your Agreement Network? Types of Meetings That Work Well Virtually.

Sales Enablement Forrester Analyst Scott Santucci gave us all a really fantastic sound byte at the Forrester Marketing Forum 2010 in LA last week: “Sales has gone from selling to “a person” to selling to an “agreement network”. The implications are endless: longer sales cycles more relationships to build harder to generate trust and buy-in […]