What Makes You An Expert At Anything?

The short answer is this: You did it, WELL, listened to other leaders, got BETTER, and then people started listening to you. The long answer is… probably something pretty close to the same, and depending on what school of thought you’re from, throw on an advanced degree. Stay in the trenches, volunteer for that extra […]

Do You Ever Ask Yourself Why?

Or your supervisor? Or your friends? Or your partner/husband/wife/bf/gf? Don’t forget while you’re getting caught up in the glorious insanity that each day brings to ask why. Why are you doing this? Why are you prioritizing one project over another? Why is this so important to you? If you don’t know why, then you can’t […]

Why does the ‘bad’ stand out more than the ‘good’, and why do you feel compelled to share? You are the change agent.

I am writing this as a reminder for myself and hope that it will be a useful reminder for some of you. Admittedly, I am also to blame for perpetuating this horrible habit. You are pissed off because you’ve been done wrong, you feel compelled to tell the world. Do you share bad news with the […]