The New New Deal: Partnering Gets Everyone Ahead

This morning PC World published an article on Nokia’s ambition to “automate” your household. Cool idea aside, Toni Sormunen says something that is indicative of our time and is worth mentioning:

“Partnering is very important. We understand our limitations; we are good at creating communication technologies, embedded devices and software platforms”

We understand our limitations.

Two things come to mind. First, it’s something you don’t hear very often coming out of corporate industry giants. I like that. Secondly, companies are realizing that the required investment to “do it in house” does not create a compelling enough argument to execute breaking into uncharted territory, unless of course you have the luxury of an unlimited R&D budget. When the dollar needs to be stretched in every which direction (like right now), it’s imperative to get product on the shelves that meets market demand in a timely fashion. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships is the New New Deal – know your limitations, know your acquaintances’ strengths, and give each other the opportunity to capitalize.

I look forward to seeing what other partnerships emerge in the next 24 months while the economy gets worked out. Budgets are tight everywhere, so leverage your partners to get ahead.

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