I’m Breaking Up With My iPhone And This Is Why (or, Don’t Let Your Customers Reach Their Breaking Point)

There’s a breaking point for everything – some tolerance level for poor experiences because the good outweigh the bad. The second worst part about reaching that breaking point is that by the time you admit you’re there, you’ve already crossed the line by maybe a few months but refused to admit it was possible. The absolute worst part about being there is that you feel like a big jerk for selling yourself short.

Here’s my story:

My love affair with my iPhone started with an immediate infatuation, which almost simultaneously turned to lust and shortly after evolved into what I thought was a mutual respect. All those apps. All that access. It was so much faster than my Blackberry. The usability was insane. It could help me find the answer to anywhere, anytime. I never had to get lost while driving again. It “got” who I was – that I needed to have a mobile device that understood that there was no barrier between work and life and allowed me to live and work the way I needed to. It was my better half.

I started seeing glimpses of my reality not too long after the first few weeks of usage. Calls dropped frequently – sometimes half a dozen times during a single phone call. The network seemed finicky, almost like it had a mind of its own – one day it seemed fine where the next day in the same geographic location the network was completely aloof and didn’t want to cooperate.

My love for my iPhone was so strong that I allowed myself to accept an experience that was well below what I would have tolerated in any other circumstance. A few years ago, there was no better option, so I accepted and embraced the “quirky” side of my iPhone (a.k.a. AT&T).

Over time, the quirkiness turned into the personality trait that I hated the most about my iPhone. 1.5 years later, the quirkiness has driven us apart. And here I am, ready to tell the world that I’m ready to move on.

I’m ready to admit that I’ve reached my breaking point.

…. does this sound familiar? What is your breaking point? Have you already reached it but have yet to accept that fact?

Every single one of your customers has a breaking point. Do yourself a favor and have a clear understanding of where that line is drawn in the sand, and never, ever, get anywhere near there. You can never win back a broken heart, except in the movies.

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  1. This is exactly why my roommate switched to the Samsung Vibrant from his iPhone, shortly after I purchased mine.

    He was so fed up with the dropped calls, the price, the billing issues, that he finally hit his breaking point and cancelled without a second thought.

    Tmobile isn’t perfect, but the service is solid, and the Vibrant, while it has some temporary GPS issues, easily rivals the iPhone in usability.


    1. I switched to the vibrant too! The phone is incredible…the gps definitely leaves something to be desired…i can’t wait for apple to figure out that at&t is seriously bringing them down.

      Thanks for the comment!


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