No, not ketchup. Nope, not brown mustard either, although I do love brown mustard a lot.

YES! The correct answer to the secret sauce question is….(drum roll…)…. Engagement.

Businesses who successfully integrate Facebook into their marketing mix give their customers a reason to be there.

Most of you can’t slap together a Facebook Fan Page with a few images and a coupon and expect to have 3,000 fans in 10 days. For some great recommendations on how to get your business to be bff with your customers on Facebook, check out an article that our Social Media Specialist Eric wrote here. See #4 – create reasons for your Facebook fans to “like” and engage with your brand, and keep them coming back with fresh content.

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  1. Genuine engagement can do wonders in a company’s image, especially if it fosters a healthy conversation with customers of all types. Although it would be wise if the company practices overall great service, otherwise, they might just be dodging a flurry of complaints.


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