The Soft Benefits of Social Media Not to be Undervalued

I’ve dived cannon ball style into social media for small business. Because the relationship piece of running a business is extremely difficult to measure, the value is often overlooked. Small businesses have however always relied on a strong relationship to drive recurring revenue, which is why adding social media to their marketing mix makes so […]

Social Media Is About The Spark.

In the beginning, marketers and businesspeople always start with a simple and relevant question –> “What’s my return on investment?” If they don’t start with ROI, they ask this: “How am I measuring success?” These two questions are two of the most difficult questions to answer when it comes to social media. Yes, you can […]

Enhancing Customer Relationships With Social Media – Customer Spotlight

I’m on a journey to find small businesses that understand the importance of owning their social media presence. Today I had a great conversation with one of Demandforce’s customers – Bell Tire & Auto in Glendale, Arizona – where Dave Bankston injects a healthy dose of personality into the business’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. Spending […]

Yes, There Is A Secret Sauce To Success On Facebook For Businesses

No, not ketchup. Nope, not brown mustard either, although I do love brown mustard a lot. YES! The correct answer to the secret sauce question is….(drum roll…)…. Engagement. Businesses who successfully integrate Facebook into their marketing mix give their customers a reason to be there. Most of you can’t slap together a Facebook Fan Page […]

Great List: Web Marketing Facts You Should Know

If you’re in marketing, social media, or just a regular small business trying to figure out where to focus your resources, this is a must-read list from Junta42: Some stats that stand out, especially for small business: 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search engine results. 77% of search […]

Traditional CRM vs Social CRM as represented in film

Have you heard about The Joneses? It was a film that came out in 2009 starring David Duchovny (Steve Jones) and Demi Moore (Kate Jones). The basic premise this: Steve, Kate, and their 2 kids are all employees of an “undercover” marketing company. They move into neighborhoods that demographically and socio-economically meet the characteristics of […]