Do Your Daily Habits Include Reading a Book?

Every morning, I have a routine.

  1. Wake up – take vitamins
  2. Boil some eggs for breakfast
  3. Do bathroom stuff – teeth, face, etc
  4. Quick look through email
  5. 20 mins on Google Reader
  6. Notes for blogging later
  7. Check up on Twitter
  8. Work

It’s basically the same routine every day – most of my learning happens when I’m reading other blogs and checking on Twitter. I have recently added something new to the routine, which I will admit to having neglected the past few years: read a classic.

I’m trying to read one chapter a night before bed. By the time I get to 10 pm, I’m usually pretty beat and ready to pass out. I set the goal of one chapter intentionally so I could feel that sense of accomplishment each night and end the day on a positive note.

The other thing about this new daily task is that it forces me to take a step back from the “now” and get lost in someone else’s descriptions of the past. It also reminds me of a famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

Can we always be looking at the now, anticipate the future, and take from others’ lessons from their past? Sounds like a big challenge. At least we’re all in the same boat.

In any case, give the reading thing a try if you can’t. It might help round out that last piece of “take from others’ lessons from their past”.

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