What Does It Mean To Win?

Winning to some is about the transaction. It’s about being right. It’s about the mic drop. The sound byte. The power play. I would argue that this class of winning is ¬†the most temporary and destructive form of serotonin inducing behavior. It’s a gateway drug to poor decisions and even poorer outcomes. It creates a […]

Don’t Wait For The New Year To Resolve To Do Better.

This time last year, perhaps you put your introspective hat on and created some New Year Resolutions for yourself. Wanted to finally run that marathon? On the list. Wanted to juice cleanse your way to inner peace? That made it too. While the New Year (and milestones in general) is a nice symbolic way to […]

Lessons From Life: Sometimes, You Do Know Better Than Everyone Else

The other day, I had my first golf lesson in almost a decade. Masa, my instructor, watched with intent, asked me to do some balance tests, followed by pretending to swing a bat and tennis racket. At the end of our first 30 minute session, Masa came to the conclusion that I should probably play […]

New Day, Brilliant New Opportunity.

After six amazing years with PGi, I’ve decided to take a very exciting opportunity with Demandforce, where I will be heading up their Client Services group, including Care, Onboarding, and Services. What I love about Demandforce is that they make small businesses successful by leveraging customer social networks. They get that customers rule, and they […]