Consider Your Audience When Writing

I’ve been writing a lot the past year, whether it be for work, personal, or personal work. I’ve found that  readers most of the time fall into one of four categories:I don’t get it. I hear you, but WE have a long way to go before getting there so I’m going to stop listening right […]

Common Sense Isn’t So Common

It’s learned through experience, whether it’s yours or somebody else’s. Through your life, you’ve had thousands of experiences. Hundreds of thousands of conversations. Perhaps a million or more people you’ve passed on the street, waited for the bus with, shared a farmer’s market day with listening to a bluegrass band. All of these people, conversations, […]

Do Your Daily Habits Include Reading a Book?

Every morning, I have a routine. Wake up – take vitamins Boil some eggs for breakfast Do bathroom stuff – teeth, face, etc Quick look through email 20 mins on Google Reader Notes for blogging later Check up on Twitter Work It’s basically the same routine every day – most of my learning happens when […]

Can I Pitch In? vs Need Any Help?

This morning one of the casual carpoolers I picked up said “Can I pitch in a dollar?” as an offering to counter the $2.50 Bay Bridge Carpool Toll that went into effect July 1, 2010.Immediately I thought to myself – what a great way to offer assistance without projecting any negative connotation.When you’re asking someone […]

The Decisions You Make Now Won’t Be Right Forever… Make Sure You Can Be Flexible When You Need To

Tom and I rented an apartment in the East Village off airbnb (Great site!) for a wedding we’re attending this weekend. We figured, how wonderful would it be to feel like we’re living in New York, within 4 blocks of one of our best friends? Then, several other friends in town for the wedding jumped […]