Why does the ‘bad’ stand out more than the ‘good’, and why do you feel compelled to share? You are the change agent.

I am writing this as a reminder for myself and hope that it will be a useful reminder for some of you. Admittedly, I am also to blame for perpetuating this horrible habit. You are pissed off because you’ve been done wrong, you feel compelled to tell the world. Do you share bad news with the […]

New blog post: "Grade of Execution" Matters – Olympic Learnings For Everyday Life

It’s the difference between being on the team and being remembered for being on the team. Last night, Evan Lysacek of US won the Gold Medal over Evgeni Plushenko by 1.31 points in Men’s Figure Skating, largely in part due to what the commentators referred to as “Grade of Execution”, or GOE. Both programs were […]

9 Ways to Protect Your Pricing and Keep Your Customers

This is not just relevant for small businesses and not just B2C – across the board, building a value proposition that gives your customer more “bang for the buck” not only gives them more reason to stay with you, but gives you more opportunities to strengthen your relationship and keep them as a customer longer.9 […]