New blog post: "Grade of Execution" Matters – Olympic Learnings For Everyday Life

It’s the difference between being on the team and being remembered for being on the team.
Last night, Evan Lysacek of US won the Gold Medal over Evgeni Plushenko by 1.31 points in Men’s Figure Skating, largely in part due to what the commentators referred to as “Grade of Execution“, or GOE. Both programs were technically extremely difficult. However, almost all of Lysacek’s jumps were delivered at a slightly higher quality than Plushenko’s.

I sat up thinking about this a while last night, even though I desperately needed the sleep given the week’s pace and today’s responsibilities (and of course this weekend’s obligations – are you going to the SF Chronicle Public Wine Tasting? It’s awesome!). I just couldn’t get it out of my head… “Grade of Execution” – it’s so applicable to everything you do. Who says it… oh yeah – Bryan Kest (legendary Santa Monica yoga instructor) in the first of a 3-series Power Yoga DVD – “It’s not what you do, it’s HOW you do what you do.” I always thought it was cliche, but he’s right (this is by the way my absolute favorite home yoga workout).

There it is again… Grade of Execution.

Think about this when you are feeling tired, frustrated, or just plain lazy. Consider everything that is happening around you. When promotions come up, when a decision is made on who the lead in the play should be, or who your go-to friend is when you’re down – it’s not good enough to just “get it done” … quality matters.

Happy Friday!

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