Why does the ‘bad’ stand out more than the ‘good’, and why do you feel compelled to share? You are the change agent.

I am writing this as a reminder for myself and hope that it will be a useful reminder for some of you. Admittedly, I am also to blame for perpetuating this horrible habit. You are pissed off because you’ve been done wrong, you feel compelled to tell the world. Do you share bad news with the same voracity that you share positive news?

These days, I would say it’s a 60/40 split. For me, good news can wait a few days while the poor experiences need to be logged in the webosphere immediately for fear that I lose sight of every detail. What if you were able to stop time and jot down somewhere so you would make sure to capture the good too, even if it weren’t so immediate?
I’ve started using Yelp Quick Tips to capture in the moment a few words that help me in writing a more comprehensive positive review when I have time. I also mix Quick Tips with the Notes and Voice apps on my iPhone to help me stay “in the moment.” 
I’ve been working on changing this habit – and I hope this tip helps you do the same. Let’s throw this adage “For every poor experience, that person tells another five people” out the window in lieu of a new one – “For every meaningful experience – good or bad, that person tells another five people.” 

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