30 Practical Tips to Make Yourself Indispensable to Others

Via Life Optimizer – this is a great list of practical ways to “find what people need and meet those needs”. In my mind, this is one of the most critical “people skills” one can have… and most will need to spend a lifetime honing the skill. http://bit.ly/4LdOap Posted via email from meannie | posterous

Email Etiquette Tips fr: AMEX Open Forum – Can you commit to this in 2010?

Email Etiquette Tips Dec 23, 2009 – Email used to be charming – it was fun, it was easy, it was novel. Now email seems a lot more like a monster that we battle daily – one that gets hungrier the more you feed it. To help streamline your communications in the coming year, we […]

If you have a moment, worth a read: how spam filters think and how to avoid them

jimtroth: How Spam Filters Think (and how to avoid them) | MailChimp.com: http://bit.ly/67Li7t via @addthis Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/jimtroth/status/7111861549 Sent via TweetDeck (www.tweetdeck.com) Annie Tsai | 415.716.1116 Posted via email from meannie | posterous

Have you downloaded this free eBook on Marketing in 2010 yet? http://bit.ly/6zntjk

Marketing in 2010 (free eBook) When we talk about brand awareness, consciously or not, we correlate “brand” with one specific phase in the marketing funnel. Many have defined brand as a set of expectations and experiences. These in turn generate stories we identify with as we develop our relationship with the brand and the company […]

Back to Basics for Email Marketing Metrics… Show Me The Money

Lately I’ve had several conversations with email marketing acquaintances about what is considered a “good” open rate, what people should be looking out for in their reports, how they know their email campaigns are doing well, what about social media reporting, etc. Depending on the type of business you are in, your priority metrics will […]

Use your Email Preheader Wisely

The Email Preheader is the email content that you see when you’re say… on your iPhone and you get the first 80-150 or so characters to give additional context to your message. Here’s a sample inbox that effectively illustrates the preheader text (light grey, under subject line). I pulled this from Google Images: Basically, a […]