Don’t Wait For The New Year To Resolve To Do Better.

This time last year, perhaps you put your introspective hat on and created some New Year Resolutions for yourself. Wanted to finally run that marathon? On the list. Wanted to juice cleanse your way to inner peace? That made it too. While the New Year (and milestones in general) is a nice symbolic way to […]

Android vs iPhone = Tool vs Friend

My coworker, who I fully take credit for convincing on buying the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile, and I were chatting late yesterday. The conversation went like this: Me: Have you noticed that your relationship with your cell phone has changed since you went from iPhone 3Gs to the Android? John: Yeah, actually it has. Me: […]

Always Open On My Desktop

What applications do you have as “always on”? Mine are: Firefox Gmail HootSuite Internal Corporate Community Entourage Evernote Pandora I find that I work better with some music in the background to groove to. Evernote has become an essential tool to my productivity and note organization. The recent HootSuite release has taken the tool to […]

Do You Ever Ask Yourself Why?

Or your supervisor? Or your friends? Or your partner/husband/wife/bf/gf? Don’t forget while you’re getting caught up in the glorious insanity that each day brings to ask why. Why are you doing this? Why are you prioritizing one project over another? Why is this so important to you? If you don’t know why, then you can’t […]