Always Open On My Desktop

What applications do you have as “always on”? Mine are:

  • Firefox
    • Gmail
    • HootSuite
    • Internal Corporate Community
  • Entourage
  • Evernote
  • Pandora

I find that I work better with some music in the background to groove to. Evernote has become an essential tool to my productivity and note organization. The recent HootSuite release has taken the tool to the next level and I am a definitely now a promoter.

So what applications do you always have on?

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  1. At work, I always have work Gmail, my calendar, Powerpoint, Word, Snagit, the Demandforce portal, and occasionally Pandora and Facebook open. 🙂

    At home, I always have my personal gmail, facebook, and a few ID field or tech blogs or communities open to read when I have time.


  2. Chrome – Adjutant CRM (our enterprise software) – HootSuite – PandoraMac Mail (using MS Exchange account)Adium (mostly for company IM)TextExpander (typing shortcut utility)Remote Desktop (for our mission critical apps and for supporting various clients)iTunes (when free Pandora runs out)


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