Customer Experience Truth #2 – Customer Experience Cannot Be Successful As A Siloed Effort

Any decision one functional department makes has the potential to impact the end experience your customer has with you. Sure, each department is responsible for a specific part of the business, but if the parts of the organization don’t align properly, the customer will notice the inconsistencies. Take a puzzle, like the one above. Instead […]

Customer Experience Truth #1 – No One Is Delivering A Perfect Customer Experience 100% Of The Time

What’s that famous quote? Ah, yes. “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. – John Lydgate, later adapted by President Lincoln Lydgate, and then President Lincoln, knew back […]

15 Truths About Customer Experience

Customer Experience, even with all of the corporate and media attention its gotten the past decade, is still sort of a mystery. Many companies either bucket the discipline into some form of Customer Service or Marketing, thus limiting the group’s ability to reach across the organization. Other companies allow Customer Experience to live in siloes […]

Welcome to the CXPBootcamp!

I was sitting at my desk at the home office (which is a desk in the living room) a few weeks ago asking a question: “If so many companies are thinking about and working on Customer Experience, then why are just as many companies terrible at it?” Customer Experience Management Programs come in all shapes […]

Do You Know How Much You’re Really Losing When You Lose A Customer?

Do you know? If not, then you can’t really have any idea what you’re losing, or gaining for that matter, with your actions. Start With The Theoretical Rooted In Reality Let’s break this down by necessary components of information by running through a mock case study so you can go back and calculate the same […]

Traditional CRM vs Social CRM as represented in film

Have you heard about The Joneses? It was a film that came out in 2009 starring David Duchovny (Steve Jones) and Demi Moore (Kate Jones). The basic premise this: Steve, Kate, and their 2 kids are all employees of an “undercover” marketing company. They move into neighborhoods that demographically and socio-economically meet the characteristics of […]