Not Everyone Is On Twitter, Including Your Customers. So Now What?

Forrester and MarketingProfs administered a survey earlier in the year where we saw that a majority of the organizations responding are ramping up or currently running some sort of Social Media plan in 2010, with 55% stating they use Twitter for marketing purposes. Great for Social Media, but is it actually great for your business? […]

The Only Thing You Should Plan To Remain The Same Is Change

Given the exponential increase in cloud computing, vendor utilization, budgetary juggling, and even reprioritzation of priorities, a lot’s working against you and your perfect plan. A well planned project, product, or process is one that plans to evolve. If you don’t build provisions in to your work for things to have to change, then you’re […]

Building Your Personal Brand Is Good For You AND Your Employer

The “personal brand” conversation can go one of two ways – either your employer considers you to be a flight risk given your focus on you, or your employer sees a value in having a team of industry influencers on board to drive the company into the digital age (embellished). Hopefully for you, you are […]