Affirm The Purchase Decision Long After the Sale

Ever get that feeling of buyer’s remorse? You know it – you’ve walked out of the store with this killer new gadget from one of those Sharper Image knockoff stores that does 12 different things, you go home feeling great, and then immediately come to realize that you don’t need to do any of those […]

The Decisions You Make Now Won’t Be Right Forever… Make Sure You Can Be Flexible When You Need To

Tom and I rented an apartment in the East Village off airbnb (Great site!) for a wedding we’re attending this weekend. We figured, how wonderful would it be to feel like we’re living in New York, within 4 blocks of one of our best friends? Then, several other friends in town for the wedding jumped […]

The Only Thing You Should Plan To Remain The Same Is Change

Given the exponential increase in cloud computing, vendor utilization, budgetary juggling, and even reprioritzation of priorities, a lot’s working against you and your perfect plan. A well planned project, product, or process is one that plans to evolve. If you don’t build provisions in to your work for things to have to change, then you’re […]

Growing Into Leadership – great reminder for us all.. every day

Amber provides a comprehensive list of “concepts” that you can use as a guiding path while you are developing your leadership skills. She’s right – developing the leadership gene doesn’t happen overnight and you will regularly need to refer back to your mentors or guiding strategies to keep you on your path.Read more here: Growing […]