What Does It Mean To Win?

Winning to some is about the transaction. It’s about being right. It’s about the mic drop. The sound byte. The power play. I would argue that this class of winning is  the most temporary and destructive form of serotonin inducing behavior. It’s a gateway drug to poor decisions and even poorer outcomes. It creates a […]

Help Your Team Find Its Voice, Promote Collaboration, and Set Expectations While You’re At It.

Outside of the office, everyone has their own unique personality. They are interesting, funny, articulate, sharp, jerky, silly, brave, and a whole lot in between. Whatever personality the individuals on your team embody, they should feel empowered to inject your business with a little bit of flavor. After all, wasn’t part of the reason you […]

The Next Iron Chef Teaches You How To Self Edit Yourself To Excellence

This is you: You know you’re great at what you do. You’re a star performer in your own right. But, are you good enough to effectively edit yourself and your instincts to beat someone else as good as or better than you? For some reason I can’t get enough of all incarnations of what I […]

You’ve Got To Give In Order To Get

What happens if you need information, resources, or just plain help and don’t have the funding or time to go hire and train someone new? Barter. Find someone at your company who has the skills to help progress your project, understand what their needs are, and see how you can help make their jobs easier. Everyone […]