Some insightful thoughts on Purpose from The Comparative Advantage Blog

“There are no insignificant roles, just people who make the roles insignificant and it is a manager’s role to make employee realize that.” What do you do in your daily life to help your team feel like they are all working towards something greater? I sometimes struggle with this, and definitely sometimes ask the question …

30 Practical Tips to Make Yourself Indispensable to Others

Via Life Optimizer – this is a great list of practical ways to “find what people need and meet those needs”. In my mind, this is one of the most critical “people skills” one can have… and most will need to spend a lifetime honing the skill. Posted via email from meannie | posterous

A Framework for Customer Experience

This morning’s Harvard Business Daily Management Twitter Tip was a nice reminder that building a scalable solution starts with systems and procedures that support your purpose balanced against the ideal experience. me an email

What Bejeweled Blitz Taught Me This Week

If there is no clear obvious path, does that mean any forward movement will result in mistakes? Sometimes, yes. But more often than not there are always options, resulting in more options. The truth is that there is rarely a clear and obvious path to take. You can only make decisions with the information you …