The Only Thing You Should Plan To Remain The Same Is Change

Given the exponential increase in cloud computing, vendor utilization, budgetary juggling, and even reprioritzation of priorities, a lot’s working against you and your perfect plan. A well planned project, product, or process is one that plans to evolve. If you don’t build provisions in to your work for things to have to change, then you’re […]

Tips for Twitter & Foursquare Users

Over the past several months I’ve seen some interesting activity on Twitter and thought I’d put out there a few precautionary tips for maximizing these two tools: Don’t check in at home, your girlfriend/boyfriend’s place, or any other personal space where you wouldn’t want a stranger showing up. Use common sense. Safety is always first. […]

Email Marketing 102: Make Reporting An Obsession

You feel like you are a one-person marketing team, you have revenue targets (hopefully) for the year that you have deemed to be near impossible, and you have fifty programs to execute and no bodies to do the work. How the bleep are you going to make reporting a priority?Does this calamity sound familiar?Here’s my […]

Email Etiquette Tips fr: AMEX Open Forum – Can you commit to this in 2010?

Email Etiquette Tips Dec 23, 2009 – Email used to be charming – it was fun, it was easy, it was novel. Now email seems a lot more like a monster that we battle daily – one that gets hungrier the more you feed it. To help streamline your communications in the coming year, we […]

10 Small Business Lessons From Zappos :

This is an awesome list that doesn’t have to be just for small business – found on the American Express Small Business Blog. Dec 22, 2009 – Stories of Zappos, the online shoe retailer, and how they have pioneered a new way of doing customer service, using social media, and selling products online are now […]

Have you downloaded this free eBook on Marketing in 2010 yet?

Marketing in 2010 (free eBook) When we talk about brand awareness, consciously or not, we correlate “brand” with one specific phase in the marketing funnel. Many have defined brand as a set of expectations and experiences. These in turn generate stories we identify with as we develop our relationship with the brand and the company […]