Nothing… nothing ever happens the way you expect it to. It’s a good thing, I think.

This post is personal. This has been a doozy of a week. I found out I was pregnant on Monday. Sunday night really. It was juuuust a bit of a surprise. The first thing that came to mind was "oh shit. I'm going to be raising capital for Edio when I'm nine months pregnant." In [...]


What Does It Mean To Win?

Winning to some is about the transaction. It's about being right. It's about the mic drop. The sound byte. The power play. I would argue that this class of winning is  the most temporary and destructive form of serotonin inducing behavior. It's a gateway drug to poor decisions and even poorer outcomes. It creates a [...]


Your Mentors Are Everywhere – Don’t Miss the Learning Moments

I was at the WITI Conference (Women in Technology Summit) earlier this week and I appreciated the emphasis on being proactive about identifying and reaching out to potential mentors. I also really liked the callout at a conference sponsored by a women's professional association that mentors can be men and women. As I look at my [...]


“Having it All” Is Not What You Think It Is

I am nine weeks back to work after taking four months for maternity leave, and I thought I would share my perspective on the elusive notion of women successfully "having it all" - a challenging career, kids, balanced family life, healthy social life, personal hobbies, and the like - while it's fresh on my mind. [...]


Help Your Team Find Its Voice, Promote Collaboration, and Set Expectations While You’re At It.

Outside of the office, everyone has their own unique personality. They are interesting, funny, articulate, sharp, jerky, silly, brave, and a whole lot in between. Whatever personality the individuals on your team embody, they should feel empowered to inject your business with a little bit of flavor. After all, wasn't part of the reason you [...]


Bringing The Brand And Brand Promise To Life Is A Big Piece Of Customer Experience

Given Apple's various announcements yesterday, I thought it'd be nice to republish this blog post highlighting Apple's brand promise. ---- When you see a brand logo, what sort of expectations come to mind? Let's take a look at Apple, a brand that successfully brings the brand promise to life in all incarnations of the experience. When [...]


The Experience of Consistency is What Gets People Coming Back

As I continue to explore local businesses, I notice that I mentally categorize them into general buckets: You Get What You Pay For - varying expected sub-categorizations based on price, product and service quality Value Play - typically lower on the price and service scales but higher on product (or lower product and price and [...]


Experience Delivered vs. Experience Expected

Expectations come from somewhere. Think back to your personal life and consider a time where your expectations were misaligned with the experience outcome. What did you do? How did the other party make things right? Did you walk away feeling good about your experience? The gap between the delivery of the experience and the expectation [...]


Yes, There Is A Secret Sauce To Success On Facebook For Businesses

No, not ketchup. Nope, not brown mustard either, although I do love brown mustard a lot. YES! The correct answer to the secret sauce question is....(drum roll...).... Engagement. Businesses who successfully integrate Facebook into their marketing mix give their customers a reason to be there. Most of you can't slap together a Facebook Fan Page [...]


Overcoming Your Own "Not Me"

Remember the ghost that would run around in the Family Circus cartoons causing a bunch of mischief and get Billy, Dolly, Jeffy, and P.J. in trouble all the time? The kids all knew who he was. Time after time, Bil and Thelma would call the kids out on said naughtiness of the day and low [...]

Tap Into Intrinsic Motivation With This Strategic Alignment Framework

If we never teach people about extrinsic motivation, can we preserve the power of intrinsic motivation? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Most of my career has had some component spent trying to design bonus or variable compensation structures that adequately align individual behavior to core company targets. But I kept going back to [...]

Gender Diversity Is Not Just a Publicity Game

This post was first published on the DoubleDutch blog. 2015 may very well be known in tech as the year that software companies got serious about gender diversity. Well known tech companies like AirBNB, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tribridge, and many others have “come out” in 2015 and published their gender and sometimes ethnic diversity numbers, [...]