Tools to stay in touch and to increase productivity

So I’ve spent a considerable amount of time parsing through all of the “useful” (I put useful in quotes because it is often enough that something is initially useful and then becomes a time sucking vortex of uselessness) applications, add-ons, and widgets on the Internet. Here’s a running list of things I love:

  • has an amazing add-on for FireFox that is an awesome drag and drop sidebar. Plus you can succesfully stream imeem over VPN. How cool is that? (which I don’t do, of course. I am a Pandora loyal). One thing to note is that you need to go back to the original default theme if you want to use Yoono. I’ve made the concession from making my FF browser look like Safari to actually d/ling Safari.
  • is sweet. I love that you can import contacts from multiple AIM Accounts. This is a feature that we take for granted all too often.
  • makes my brain not so full and much more useful. Keep running lists of “stuff that you need to do”. Plus, they just released a Gmail integration so you can keep it all in one place!

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure there are others that I simply grossly take for granted.

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