Set Expectations of What’s Okay to Post to Social Networks

This is my one and only tip in regards to dealing with heavy social networkers and meeting content: When you rely on common sense, you’re relying on subjectivity. As the meeting organizer, you should assume that any content you share during your meeting will make it out into our wonderfully grand World Wide Web. If […]

What Technology Are You Using to Sell To Your Agreement Network? Types of Meetings That Work Well Virtually.

Sales Enablement Forrester Analyst Scott Santucci gave us all a really fantastic sound byte at the Forrester Marketing Forum 2010 in LA last week: “Sales has gone from selling to “a person” to selling to an “agreement network”. The implications are endless: longer sales cycles more relationships to build harder to generate trust and buy-in […]

I love a good meeting, and this is why (or, 6 Musts For A Productive Meeting)

Do you love meetings? I love meetings. Let me tell you why.I live in San Francisco. My teams are in Georgia, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Jersey, and all over Europe and Asia Pac. Virtual communication – email, chat, sms, web and audio meetings are my primary form of communication with my peers.You can’t get stuff […]