What Does It Mean To Win?

Winning to some is about the transaction. It’s about being right. It’s about the mic drop. The sound byte. The power play. I would argue that this class of winning is  the most temporary and destructive form of serotonin inducing behavior. It’s a gateway drug to poor decisions and even poorer outcomes. It creates a […]

Becca Piastrelli’s Advice to Early Career Professionals: Create the Space to Listen

Becca Piastrelli, founder of The Dabblist, had been toying with the idea of jumping the proverbial corporate ship for a while before actually taking the leap this past year. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Becca and working closely with her for a few years now – she was originally recruited to launch our online […]

Learnings For Any Business From "10 Restaurant Secrets to Creating an Incredible Meal"

HowStuffWorks published this list a while ago: 10 Restaurant Secrets To Create An Incredible Meal. When I read through this list, it seemed obvious to me that every learning could be applied to the way we create experiences for our customers. Take a look – what do you think? I’ll write on a few. 10. […]

Affirm The Purchase Decision Long After the Sale

Ever get that feeling of buyer’s remorse? You know it – you’ve walked out of the store with this killer new gadget from one of those Sharper Image knockoff stores that does 12 different things, you go home feeling great, and then immediately come to realize that you don’t need to do any of those […]

Building Your Personal Brand Is Good For You AND Your Employer

The “personal brand” conversation can go one of two ways – either your employer considers you to be a flight risk given your focus on you, or your employer sees a value in having a team of industry influencers on board to drive the company into the digital age (embellished). Hopefully for you, you are […]

Customer Experience Challenges Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes Face

I got the opportunity to participate in a “Women in Business” conference hosted by PINK Magazine at the Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta, GA today. While there were definitely a lot of eye-opening takeaways around the challenges that women face when trying to start, grow, or sell their businesses, my biggest learning was this: Businesses, no […]