The Soft Benefits of Social Media Not to be Undervalued

I’ve dived cannon ball style into social media for small business. Because the relationship piece of running a business is extremely difficult to measure, the value is often overlooked. Small businesses have however always relied on a strong relationship to drive recurring revenue, which is why adding social media to their marketing mix makes so […]

Picking Your Brain: Tips on Google Local Success From the In-House SME

As a Demandforce customer, you already know that we are in the business of helping our customers thrive in the Internet economy. You also know that Google plays a noted role in small businesses effectively leveraging the Internet to attract, retain, and grow. Although Google is constantly changing the local search game rules, we’ve put […]

Bringing Your Customer Experience Mission Statement to Life

Something that has come up frequently – almost daily – at my new company is what we refer to as “our way”. I really like how it’s framed the conversations we have about basically anything that impacts the customer. We are constantly asking ourselves – is that the Demandforce way? Everyone who talks about “our […]