Customer Experience Truth #13 – Even In A 100% Online Business Model, There Are Still Key "Offline" Experiences You Need To Address

Business who are 100% online have a nice list of advantages over off/online businesses – they have full control over the shopping experience. No part time employees to train. No brick and mortar rent to pay. No ability for an angry customer experience to negatively impact other people who happen to be in the same […]

Customer Experience Truth #12 – Your Employees Are Your Customers As Well

Questions like Amber’s to the left started popping up left and right throughout 2009 when social media empowerment and corporate IT policies were so obviously misaligned. For many companies now, this specific issue has been resolved. However, this is just one of several areas of concern employees have when it comes to having the tools […]

Customer Experience Truth #14 – B2C And B2B Customer Experience Management Programs Are Very Different, But Still Fundamentally The Same

The last 20 years of MBA education has taught you that B2C marketing programs are more focused on product and brand, and that B2B marketing programs tend to be more focused on service and service delivery. Welcome to the new day, which consequently happened several years ago. Especially with small businesses, the lines blur significantly […]

Customer Experience Truth #10 – It Is Possible To Create A Globally Consistent, Yet Culturally Refined Customer Experience

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure novels? You start out on the same path as everyone else, but depending on some decisions you make about your situation, where you end up may be a little different from the other readers. However, the the core of the story – who you are as a character, who […]

Customer Experience Truth #11 – There Is No Single Recipe For A Successful Customer Experience Program

If creating ideal experiences for your customer were plug & play, then more companies would be doing it. Let’s take a step back and review the Core Criteria of a Successful Customer Experience Implementation. The number one criteria is that you are in tune with your customer. The reality is that: Not all customers are […]

Customer Experience Truth #9 – Data Is Critical To A Successful Customer Experience Program

In my overview of CXP Bootcamp, I noted that there are 5 core criteria to a successful Customer Experience program. Each of those aspects is heavily rooted in data, so I’d like to focus this post on the data points you’ll want to focus on. Effectively Represent, Interpret, And React To Your Customers’ Needs. In […]