Great case study from Andrew @ Groupon: Take control of your bounces

Andrew Kordek @ Groupon – think of it as a case study in how a very sophisticated email marketing company manages and reacts to email bounces. You ALWAYS want to know that there is a problem before there is a problem. Excellent! Take control of your bounces Posted via email from meannie | posterous

Engage Subscribers: 6 Fun Email Ideas

AWeber’s blog post today gives six fantastic real life examples of how to engage your subscriber base. Try one of these ideas out in your next campaign, and see if your community reacts positively. Keep in mind – you know your customers and community the best, but don’t forget to TEST! Posted via email […]

Thoughts on Client Segmentation..

Learnings from the past year… the key to a successful Client Segmentation implementation is having a stellar self-service portal, which means that you need to have comprehensive and useful documentation presented in an easily digestible manner. Without this, you will never get the adoption you need to and as a result will never be able […]