Don’t Wait For The New Year To Resolve To Do Better.

This time last year, perhaps you put your introspective hat on and created some New Year Resolutions for yourself. Wanted to finally run that marathon? On the list. Wanted to juice cleanse your way to inner peace? That made it too. While the New Year (and milestones in general) is a nice symbolic way to […]

“Having it All” Is Not What You Think It Is

I am nine weeks back to work after taking four months for maternity leave, and I thought I would share my perspective on the elusive notion of women successfully “having it all” – a challenging career, kids, balanced family life, healthy social life, personal hobbies, and the like – while it’s fresh on my mind. […]

Keeping Pace With Evolution / How Are You Managing Change?

I’m experiencing something interesting working with the full spectrum of Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers, and Millenials all mushed up into a thing called work. It seems that with each new generation entering the workforce, the expectations of how fast things have to happen gets faster. …Not to be blame on the Millenials themselves, but […]

Lessons From Life: Sometimes, You Do Know Better Than Everyone Else

The other day, I had my first golf lesson in almost a decade. Masa, my instructor, watched with intent, asked me to do some balance tests, followed by pretending to swing a bat and tennis racket. At the end of our first 30 minute session, Masa came to the conclusion that I should probably play […]