Sometimes You Just Need to Pick up the Phone

It’s so easy to misinterpret what others say – everyone, no matter how hard you try not to, makes subconscious assumptions about what others already know. We use it as a starting point for where our email or chat begins. We use it when we decide what kind of context is going to be wrapped […]

My Best (and only) Facebook Tip For You – Use Your Facebook Privacy Settings

It’s happening, whether you like it or not. Facebook is creeping into your daily life… for personal, and work. I use Facebook a lot. I use it as a tool to keep in touch with friends, to reconnect with old friends, to make networking connections, to maintain relationships with co-workers who are on the other […]

eBay’s Holiday Doorbuster Promo Exponentially Reduces Productivity During Workday

As if we needed the help. Glad I didn’t find out about this until 6:27 pm PT… and it’s already Day 8. I feel so behind. And yet, I am also incredibly thankful. I’ve been glued to trying to figure out some search methodology that would effectively bring me to that magical page (and […]

It’s Not As Easy As They Say…

As promised, an update on applying the Lifehacker reading tip. Retraining myself to “read efficiently” has proven to be rather challenging. I find myself getting caught up in the minutiae of sentences, truly valuing the joy I attain from finding a phrase worth tweeting about and sharing with the world. Two quotes I feel compelled […]

How To Read Books Quickly

Lifehacker posted a compelling “tip” today on how to get through your stack of books in the “to read” stack. Specifically: “Read books quickly: Do you want to learn what the latest bestsellers are saying, but can’t commit the few days it would take to read the whole thing? Follow this technique to get through […]