Back to Basics for Email Marketing Metrics… Show Me The Money

Lately I’ve had several conversations with email marketing acquaintances about what is considered a “good” open rate, what people should be looking out for in their reports, how they know their email campaigns are doing well, what about social media reporting, etc. Depending on the type of business you are in, your priority metrics will […]

Use your Email Preheader Wisely

The Email Preheader is the email content that you see when you’re say… on your iPhone and you get the first 80-150 or so characters to give additional context to your message. Here’s a sample inbox that effectively illustrates the preheader text (light grey, under subject line). I pulled this from Google Images: Basically, a […]

Making the Connection Between the Web and Your Storefront Experience – Sephora Gets It Right

On Wednesday I received an email from Sephora saying “you purchased this in our store, how about writing a review online?” I’ve purchased things in the past from Sephora, but have never received this type of message before so am assuming it’s a new strategy. This is a huge win for Sephora. Bridging the brick […]