Making the Connection Between the Web and Your Storefront Experience – Sephora Gets It Right

On Wednesday I received an email from Sephora saying “you purchased this in our store, how about writing a review online?” I’ve purchased things in the past from Sephora, but have never received this type of message before so am assuming it’s a new strategy. This is a huge win for Sephora. Bridging the brick […]

Taking a Breather to Catch Up With Myself… and You

My goodness, the first month of the New Year has presented quite the flurry of activity. What are we working on, you ask?While development has been heads down focused on making beautiful code love, we’ve been building up the supporting infrastructure:The new and improved communications lifecycle is nearing completion. Since we are a global company, […]

Wait, but I want to give you my money.

Impediments to the checkout aren’t just technological. With companies trying to cut spending in any way they can, brick and mortar is showing a noticeable reduction in staffing during non-peak hours that is presenting itself as a key opportunity for those to “get ahead” of the economic slump game. Case in point:I travel quite a […]

Thanks for the notification call UPS but…

“we cannot tell you exactly when your shipment will be delivered, but it will be between 8 am and 7 pm…”Seriously?Look, I like the notification piece. It’s a wonderful value-add to my customer experience. But it almost makes me even more annoyed to know that you are giving me an 11 hour window. Why not […]