Implement New Experience Technologies, But Don’t Leave Your Actual Customers Behind

Tom (my fiance) and I went to grab an iced coffee at Starbucks yesterday afternoon to beat the heat. I was taken aback by how many laptops were open. Starbucks has inherently changed forever – no more chatter of the European coffee houses as it was originally intended. Now, it has become a quiet haven […]

Customer Experience Truth #7 – Bringing The Brand And Brand Promise To Life Is A Big Piece Of Customer Experience

When you see a brand logo, what sort of expectations come to mind? Let’s take a look at Apple, a brand that successfully brings the brand promise to life in all incarnations of the experience. When you think of the way Apple delivers on its experience, do you agree that they focus on these three […]

Customer Experience Truth #6 – Return On Customer Experience Initiatives Are Often Difficult To Measure, But Not Impossible

Photo credit: ROI. R.O.I. roi. One of the most challenging aspects of Customer Experience is that the field does not fall under a specific silo, making it even more challenging to tie a piece of the revenue pie to the overall effort. Try this activity for selecting the right set of metrics for your […]

Customer Experience Truth #5 – The Law Of Diminishing Returns Applies To Some, But Not All, Customer Experience Initiatives

We’ve all seen this chart, right? Photo Credit: The Law of Diminishing Returns as applied to Customer Experience means this: At some point, the extra effort* to improve this aspect of the experience past a certain point will not yield the same return on investment. * Effort in this case is considered money, people […]

Customer Experience Truth #4 – Customer Experience Is About The Succesful Marriage Of Perception, Emotion, And Logic

If I were to ask you to describe a moment in time where you could clearly map out all of the various influences that were there to impact a decision, could you do it? As an activity, try walking into a store and attempting this. Stop at the entrance and do a 360. What do […]

Customer Experience Truth #3 – Customer Experience Is Not Customer Service

The act of providing servicing a customer has always historically been initiated by the customer, inherently creating a relationship of constant reactivity. Support staff were put in place at key interaction points (typically, when it was time to buy and to be there if something ever went wrong). As time went on, businesses added other […]