Why Are You Performing A Gap Analysis? Everything Is Great!

The first thing I do when I step onto a new project is get a sense of what the real story is. And, as is the case most of the time, the real story is lurking somewhere 15 feet below where you thought you were walking. This real story is where things are a bit […]

Learnings For Any Business From "10 Restaurant Secrets to Creating an Incredible Meal"

HowStuffWorks published this list a while ago: 10 Restaurant Secrets To Create An Incredible Meal. When I read through this list, it seemed obvious to me that every learning could be applied to the way we create experiences for our customers. Take a look – what do you think? I’ll write on a few. 10. […]

Customer Experience Truth #11 – There Is No Single Recipe For A Successful Customer Experience Program

If creating ideal experiences for your customer were plug & play, then more companies would be doing it. Let’s take a step back and review the Core Criteria of a Successful Customer Experience Implementation. The number one criteria is that you are in tune with your customer. The reality is that: Not all customers are […]

Customer Experience Truth #9 – Data Is Critical To A Successful Customer Experience Program

In my overview of CXP Bootcamp, I noted that there are 5 core criteria to a successful Customer Experience program. Each of those aspects is heavily rooted in data, so I’d like to focus this post on the data points you’ll want to focus on. Effectively Represent, Interpret, And React To Your Customers’ Needs. In […]

Customer Experience Truth #8 – Oftentimes, The Most Impactful Experiences For Customers Are Not What You Think They Are

As a customer, you expect certain things. You expect your product to work. You expect promises to be delivered. You expect to get help if you need it. Do you expect to be wow’ed? Some do – perhaps your customers do. Do you know? The Point Is This: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know […]

Fast Food Ads Are Often The Opposite of Reality – So Now What?

A little while ago I posted this Tweet, which got some interesting feedback: Fast Food Ads Are Often Opposite Of Reality – http://anni.es/aEef3d (Not just fast food – misguided expectations are everywhere) @meannie …And you wonder why there is a gap in what the customer expects versus what they receive. It’s everywhere, even down to […]