Not Everyone Is On Twitter, Including Your Customers. So Now What?

Forrester and MarketingProfs administered a survey earlier in the year where we saw that a majority of the organizations responding are ramping up or currently running some sort of Social Media plan in 2010, with 55% stating they use Twitter for marketing purposes. Great for Social Media, but is it actually great for your business? […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Survey Your Customers

We’re moving at a lightening fast pace, and this technology stuff makes it ever easier to do more with less time. So while we’re all scrambling to just get by, here’s a friendly reminder: Slow … down … just … a … sec and consider asking your customers how they think you’re doing. Getting your […]

The ABC’s…Revisited

Remember back in the day with sleazy stock brokers and car salesmen and the slogan was “Always Be Closing”? While for the most part those days are now long gone (let’s hope), the ABC’s still remain…. this year, consider your ABC’s to instead mean: “Always Be Collaborating”. As I was working on my most recent […]