Don’t Measure Success With Single Call Resolution Alone

Single Call Resolution is commonly used in customer service centers to measure an employee’s effectiveness with drilling through the call queue. This is a very one-sided measurement of things that matter to the company like: Employee Effectiveness – Is the company getting the most productivity per dollar? Cost to Service a Customer – How short […]

Find Common Ground To Create Exceptional Experiences

Let’s face it – not everyone’s going to get along. And you know what? That’s okay. What’s not okay is using that as an excuse for selectively providing a high quality experience to your customers. One of my favorite examples of this is from Pretty Woman: And of course, when Julia Roberts goes back into […]

Can All Companies Move To An Online Support Model Successfully?

The answer to that question is a very resounding NO.The painful truth is two-fold:  Not all customers want to be supported online. and Not all companies are set up to support customers well online.Forcing customers to shift to an online model for support when there was no indication that they would ever want to go may […]