Scott Harris’ Advice to You: Find Your Passion and Press On

Scott Harris, CEO of Social Factor, is turning the tables on corporate america one company at a time. A bonafide serial entrepreneur, his newest venture is a social agency is focusing on turning grey matter into black and white for businesses. What do you love most about your job? I love building organizational culture, empowering [...]

Jim Ducharme’s Advice to Early Career Professionals: Shut Up and Listen.

Jim Ducharme, VP of Strategic Marketing at Maropost, is starting on a new adventure - really a continuation of his journey to making meaningful connections and making an impact. As he narrowed his focus over the years into community management and then online marketing, Jim’s found a niche for himself that includes building relationships to [...]

Jackie Yeaney’s One Piece of Advice: Just Be You.

Jackie Yeaney, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing at Red Hat, has for several years been the person I’ve looked to as a role model. It’s been easy to, as Jackie is one of those unique individuals who has successfully navigated nearly every relevant career challenge out there - being the 1% minority, serving in [...]

Marcus Torres’ Advice To You – You Have a Choice

Meet Marcus Torres, Director of Product Management - Mobile at Marcus, having focused on designing dynamic products and solutions in the mobile space for the past eight years, has a unique perspective on the “it” stuff of 2014 - Product Innovation and Mobile. How do you describe the field of Product Management to others? [...]

Danica Kombol’s Advice to Early Career Professionals – “Chill Out!”

I was introduced to Danica Kombol, CEO of Everywhere, when her team came to our company to run one of their customized social media bootcamps in 2010. At that time, the digital agency was specializing in social media marketing. It had already made its mark on the social scene by setting a Guinness World Record [...]

Coming Soon! New Blog Series – My One Piece of Advice

One of my many passions is helping others navigate their way through the muddy waters that is ones own career development. I know from personal experience just how important it is to have someone with more career and life experience you can trust to use as a sounding board. I've been doing a lot of [...]