Not Everyone Is On Twitter, Including Your Customers. So Now What?

Forrester and MarketingProfs administered a survey earlier in the year where we saw that a majority of the organizations responding are ramping up or currently running some sort of Social Media plan in 2010, with 55% stating they use Twitter for marketing purposes. Great for Social Media, but is it actually great for your business? […]

The Next Web isn’t rendering for some, so here is the Adobe Engadget ad…

Adobe Takes Aim At Apple With New Ad Campaign Posted by Matt Brian Follow Matt Brian on twitter on May 13th, 2010 Tensions between Apple and Adobe look to have reach new heights after Adobe released its new advertising campaign publicly criticising Apple’s decision to block Flash from it’s products. Reader’s of the popular tech […]

Set Expectations of What’s Okay to Post to Social Networks

This is my one and only tip in regards to dealing with heavy social networkers and meeting content: When you rely on common sense, you’re relying on subjectivity. As the meeting organizer, you should assume that any content you share during your meeting will make it out into our wonderfully grand World Wide Web. If […]

Tips for Twitter & Foursquare Users

Over the past several months I’ve seen some interesting activity on Twitter and thought I’d put out there a few precautionary tips for maximizing these two tools: Don’t check in at home, your girlfriend/boyfriend’s place, or any other personal space where you wouldn’t want a stranger showing up. Use common sense. Safety is always first. […]