Bringing Your Customer Experience Mission Statement to Life

Something that has come up frequently – almost daily – at my new company is what we refer to as “our way”. I really like how it’s framed the conversations we have about basically anything that impacts the customer. We are constantly asking ourselves – is that the Demandforce way?

Everyone who talks about “our way” clearly understands its key components:

  • Are we delivering overwhelming value to our Customers?
  • Are we doing right by our Customers?
  • Are we making it easier for our Customers to want to do business with us?

When it comes to product, people, process – even down to who we hire – before a customer-impacting decision is made, these types of questions are asked.

It Starts At The Top

Implementing a culture that focuses so heavily on customer centricity needs to at its core begin with the leadership. Every employee can clearly see that the functional team leads live and breath “our way”. It acts as a compass that guides the rest of the organization to hold themselves to the same standard. Any slip from that and you risk so much more than the short term gain of whatever it was you were working on, and everyone knows it.

Hire Like Minds

One of the most critical pieces that many companies overlook while growing quickly is the hiring process. As organizations get bigger, it’s easy to compromise on “culture fit” as a necessity to fill bodies to get the “stuff” done. At Demandforce, one of the heaviest focuses is on cultural fit – is this person someone who will live up to the standards we have set for ourselves and our employees?

Your Customer Experience Mission Is Not “Set It And Forget It”

Our biggest challenge as Customer Experience professionals in general is keeping our mission top of mind and well-balanced against the constantly evolving needs of business. Having your experience mission translated into a form that is easy to inject into your every day conversations allows you to do so and create a sort of “checks and balances” system that becomes your life blood, flowing through the company even when you’re not there to ask the question – are we doing right by our Customers?

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