Welcome to the CXPBootcamp!

I was sitting at my desk at the home office (which is a desk in the living room) a few weeks ago asking a question:

“If so many companies are thinking about and working on Customer Experience,
then why are just as many companies terrible at it?”

Customer Experience Management Programs come in all shapes and sizes. All CEM Programs are after the same goal (make customers happy and make more money), yet they are also all dependent on a variety of factors for success. Read more about core criteria of a successful CEM Program implementation.

Every organization is in a different place along their journey to delight its customers. All companies, no matter the shape or size, go through very similar challenges over time, just at different points in their corporate evolution. That said, the most important thing for you as a Marketer or Customer Service Professional is to have the tools and information ready to go when you and your team decide the time is right.

The Customer Experience (CXP) Bootcamp is about two things:

  1. Helping you build a foundation of knowledge so you have the tools to design the right Customer Experience program for your company, and
  2. Providing you with actionable targets that you can work on now while you are honing your CXP ninja skills.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Find me on Twitter: @cxpbootcamp or send me an email: annie at cxpbootcamp dot com.

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