Find Common Ground To Create Exceptional Experiences

Let’s face it – not everyone’s going to get along. And you know what? That’s okay. What’s not okay is using that as an excuse for selectively providing a high quality experience to your customers. One of my favorite examples of this is from Pretty Woman:

And of course, when Julia Roberts goes back into the store looking “cleaned up”, she is offered the service she always deserved. I will spare you that clip. 😉

Even if your personalities don’t mesh well, try to find some common ground that you can use as your “home base”. I know it sounds impossible sometimes, but here’s a great example:

I was in a clothing store over the weekend waiting for a refund. It was obvious to the sales clerk that our styles weren’t in line based on how we dressed, so she went another route and offered to show me “best seller” earrings. We were able to connect over the commonalities I shared with her other customers. That evolved into a 45 minute walk around the store to check out other best sellers, which resulted in my exchanging instead of getting a refund, and spending more. I walked out of that store a very happy customer, knowing that I had worked with someone who “got it”.

This idea of “common ground” can manifest itself in so many ways – how are you finding common ground and leveraging it to create exceptional experiences?

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